Forget the bulk files with complex formulas and hassle of inventory tracking, with our many detailed unique features and options.

inventory ahead profit management

Profit Management

inventory ahead profit management system is built with such precision that it will give you your ACTUAL PROFIT on EACH piece sold. It calculates an estimated margin prior to selling and the exact margin once the order is complete. It incorporates price, shipping fees, channel fees, and exact cost of the product. Inventory ahead automatically calculates your minimum and maximum selling price based on your desired setting.

Inventory Forecasting and Reordering Suggestions

inventory ahead has a smart algorithm that gives reordering suggestions and replenishing suggestions, it helps navigate which items have sold the most are low in stock and which items give you the max for your buck. It will remind you what seasons coming and exclude items that are season expired, based on your desired settings.

inventory ahead inventory forecasting and reordering suggestions
inventory ahead direct channel connectivity

Direct Channel Connectivity

inventory ahead is a complete and customizable inventory tracking system that details your inventory daily metrics per item. Your selling price, quantity in stock. It also includes your buyer box price and sellers rank. It allows you to include the SKU number, the price, the amount you have in stock, which suppliers receive it, and anything else you want to include to ensure no detail is missed. It integrates seamlessly with Amazon, Walmart and jet and more to come.

Shipment Creation and Monitoring

With inventory ahead, you can create and track your FBA shipments as well as non-FBA shipments and other selling channel orders. You can also drop ship from other channels to Amazon FBA. with inventory ahead, you can filter by each supplier and solid track each item from the time you create your purchase order from your vendor to the time it arrives at your customer – its final destinations. It operates seamlessly with all major shipping carriers. (USPS, UPS, FedEx etc.)

inventory ahead shipment creation and monitoring
inventory ahead multi currencies

Multi Currencies

inventory ahead prides itself with our one of a kind currency converter, this converting system will help you see your profits in your currency but at the same time keep your minimum, maximum, selling price and buy box price in your selling currency… this special feature will assure you that your making money and not confusing currencies.

Simplified Kits - Mains and Subs

Creating a sub from a main has never been easier, with a few simple steps you will know how much quantity you have in stock as well as your cost price for your sub or kit. You will now know breakdown when buying in packs and selling in different quantities. (buy a 10 pack and sell either as 5 pieces /0.5 or 20 pieces /2)

inventory ahead simplified kits, mains and subs