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Why Inventory Ahead?

Inventory Ahead is a software that’s designed to help small and large businesses systemize their daily operation of their ecommerce platform. Inventory Ahead gathers all your data and helps you take control of your business. Instead of using excel sheets, add-ons and hiring tons of secretaries, Inventory Ahead is here for you with an all in one solution. Avoid the extra hassle and simplify your business.

Our Mission

We started out with the mission of creating software that’s flexible enough to create as your own. To customize every page according to your preference and avoid paying exuberant fees for private software. Invest the money towards inventory and scale profit.

Our Purpose

Inventory Ahead is a fundamental building block to longevity, when you have the right inventory and profit management you can stay relevant, avoid overbuying, stockout, and remain profitable.

Our Values


We believe that communication and a relationship with our customers is number one. That is why customer is always right! Our Positive customer relations help us work together, come up with solutions and understand our clientele of what changes and add ons they want to implement. Our motivation is not just to sell a product, it is to find a solution for you to systemize your business.

Honesty : Trust

Our customer confidentiality is something we take very seriously, that's why we have every employee sign a NDA.


What you see is what you get, your price won't change, what plan your company qualifies is the price you will pay, no set up fees , no hidden agendas.


Excellence means accepting nothing but the best, that is why we don't believe in outsourcing. All code is written in house by developers who have the highest level of expertise and constantly update their knowledge base to produce a software that's up to par!


Customer Service is crucial when implementing a new software, Our customer relations team is ready to answer all your questions, never hesitate to call during business hours or send us an email and we will get back to you the next business day.

Thank you for trusting Inventory Ahead as your partner.

Zindy Feuerwerger , CEO

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