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Ups is the largest shipping carrier worldwide, they deliver 25.2 million packages per day. Ups started out with a $100 jumpstart loan to broaden a local shipping messenger company and grew to become the leading provider for global supply chains. They are a distinct brand with their brown fleet of trucks and planes and a customer first based philosophy. Inventory Ahead is certified with UPS, and aims to bring you the best shipping rates available.

Key Features

Check and Compare Rates
Inventory Ahead pulls Fedex rates to help you select the most reasonable rate and enhance order fulfillment decisions.
Time Management
Inventory Ahead checks the estimated delivery time for various available shipping options, as in Fedex Express or Fedex Ground.
Print Shipping Labels
Instantly buy Fedex labels and print them to make your package ship ready. Automate your shipping process to save time and money.
Tracking Updates
Get Fedex tracking updates directly from Inventory Ahead.

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