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Walmart x Inventory Ahead

As an officially authorized Walmart seller, Inventory Ahead provides you with tools you need to integrate simply and efficiently to maximize your sales on Walmart.

Key Features

Order processing and acknowledgement
Have all your Walmart orders uploaded into Inventory Ahead and get real time data and information about selling items and shipping details.
Product Listings
Edit and upload your Walmart listing thru Inventory Ahead 
Inventory Management
Update and sync inventory with Inventory Ahead straight to Walmart. Update Inventory, getting notifications when running low, and replenish so you maintain constant stock. 
Pricing and Pricing adjustments
  1. Update pricing according to marketplace trends and promotions.
  2. Repricing Rules – Set a min and max rule per product and sync to Walmart.
WFS Shipments
Keep track of your shipments thru Walmarts WFS system, and maintain stock to avoid selling out.
Start selling on Walmart today and integrate with Inventory Ahead.

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