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Wayfair x Inventory Ahead

Wayfair is the biggest selling channel for all things furniture, their goal is to make your home as homey as possible for any budget. Wayfair provides its customers with a one stop shop for all your home needs from home gadgets, appliances to furniture. Wayfair quickly became the marketplace for sellers selling anything homeware related. Connect your Wayfair account with Inventory Ahead so you have seamless integration across all your selling channels.

Key Features

Quick and easy to use
Connect your account and bulk upload your Wayfair inventory
Inventory Management
Sync and update your Wayfair listings direct with Inventory Ahead
Eliminate Overselling
Eliminate having to update stock levels of each of your stores, upload them once on Inventory Ahead and sync them in real time and avoid overselling between stores/ channels
Shipping and tracking
Automatically update your inventory levels once a order has shipped and get tracking information /div>
Partner with Wayfair and integrate with Inventory Ahead:

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