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Walmart DSV x Inventory Ahead

Walmart has its own drop shipping channel called DSV – Drop Ship vendor, where they allow sellers to list their catalog on and ship direct to the customer’s home or to a Walmart store, when the customer chooses to pick up in store.  The Walmart DSV program differs from the regular Inventory Ahead is affiliated with both so you can sell more places to expand your customer reach.

Key Features

Order Management
Sync and update orders direct into Inventory Ahead.
Automatically Import Products
Import your product catalog into Inventory Ahead.
Create and update shipments
Create shipping labels that are formatted for Walmart DSV.
Track Shipments
Keep your customers happy and keep tabs of shipping status thru Inventory Ahead.
Variation Listing
Create multiple listings according to variation. according to colors, size and quantity.
Apply to be a Walmart DSV supplier, Integrate with Inventory Ahead

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